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London's Only Ethical Living Arts Festival

Impact Festival:
Arts & Ethical Living


London Spring 2020

Impact - Lottery Funded
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Where arts & ethics come together to celebrate our beautiful planet earth!

Impact Festival brings you world class live acts, an exhilarating DJ set and plenty of awesome stalls to kick start your ethical living journey. If that`s not enough, we also have a multitude of workshops and captivating guest speakers. Come join us for a jolly time!

Impact Festival is a non-for-profit organisation and aims to point you towards the tools you may want to live a more ethical lifestyle. If this doesn’t interest you, no worries curries, our festival’s action packed line-up will ensure you have a wonderful time regardless!

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What’s on



Watch an exciting mix of dance, circus, breaking, drummers and more, hosted by our fabulous drag queen! Then shake the night away to our banging DJ…


Take part in our juicy assortment of movement workshops including Brazilian samba, hip hop, capoeira and more, taught by our exceptionally talented and experienced teachers….


Feed your curiousity with talks on global issues from our insightful speakers. Ask away, fuel your passion for learning and expand your mind….

A jam packed day, full of exclusive
performances, workshops and great food.

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Why do we exist?
A festival that will make an Impact...

Hello! I’m Hannah, the creator of Impact and I’d love to share with you the thinking behind this festival.

As a professional dancer, I wanted to create a show that inspired change. However I realised that simply seeing a show and walking away would not give people the tools needed to make changes, no matter how inspired they may feel leaving the theatre. Hence Impact was born. A fun festival full of a vast variety of acts, created not only to inspire, but also to provide resources for leading an everyday ethical lifestyle.

I’m not claiming to be perfect, nor am I trying to preach. I’m still learning too. I just know our planet is wonderful, as is the human race and all life that shares earth with us.


Partners & Sponsors


A big thank you to all our partners and sponsors

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