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London's Only Ethical Living Arts Festival

What Impact Festival stands for…

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The Birth of
Impact Festival


It all started when…

Hello! I’m Hannah, the creator of Impact and I’d love to share with you the thinking behind this festival.

It started when I began to learn more about the conditions for egg production and I realised that free-range wasn’t the wonderful happy situation that I thought it to be. The standards for labelling products as free-range are not as high as the marketing would suggest. (I am of course speaking in general terms and I know that this won’t apply to all farms, but it appears to apply to the majority). As a vegetarian at that time I’d already thought that I was quite ethically aware with what I bought, and it dawned on me that there must be many other people buying and supporting products that they also think are ethically sound, and that these people too may be interested to know more.

As a professional dancer, this prompted me to come up with an idea for a show to raise awareness on global issues and ethical living - not just animal welfare, but also climate change and human rights. However I realised that if the audience are inspired to make ethical changes or learn more, simply watching a show would not give them the tools to do that. Hence the creation of Impact - a greater festival which also provides the resources to live ethically, if the guests should wish to do so.

Don’t be put off by the heavy topics we’re dealing with, the festival is here to inspire and make positive changes. It’ll be a fun, uplifting event!

I’m not claiming to be perfect, nor am I trying to preach. I’m still learning too. I just know our planet is wonderful, as is the human race and all life that shares earth with us.

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